Larry Zgoda Exhibit - January 11th - February 23rd, 2015

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The LEFT BANK COLLECTION comprises edition pieces that are repeatable designs and “one-offs” which are made using unique historical artifacts.  The joinery techniques are traditional and domestically harvested hardwoods prevail.  The name drew its inspiration from the desire to create romantic environments with an artistic handmade quality. After spending many years in the arts and occasionally dabbling in components for the built environment, in 2011, Larry Zgoda began a serious approach to furniture.  His first piece of joined furniture was a vertical bookcase which he also fabricated with much help from his brother, Rich.  In addition to the design having a mediaeval inspiration, there were several design applications that are considered unique.  These are used with discretion in the growing collection and are…    

Rotating Lap Joints: the half-lap corners are run out to the end in a “rotating” way, creating asymmetry and breaking from the predictability of what would otherwise be a box.

Marbled Paper Over Board: similar to a veneer of wood or metal, marbled and other papers offer the opportunity to further the qualities of line, pattern and color.

Tiles:  Encaustic tiles are preferred, but many kinds of historically inspired tiles are considered in addition to original works by Joan Zgoda

Stained Glass:  An obvious option for a designer rooted in this visually substantial art.

Unique Finishes: Original versions of Golden Oak and Cupric Oak have metallic dust dispersed within the finish.

Ornamental Hardware and Metal Inserts:  further enhance the theatrical quality.

The idea for the LEFT BANK COLLECTION came about as a result of dissatisfaction with the status quo of furniture and the built environment.  There is opportunity for collaboration:  Joan Zgoda, Bill Moran and Matt Seiler are three who have risen to the challenge of participating in “Genuine and Permanent Beauty in the Built Environment”. 


Larry Zgoda
Artistic Director

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