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Winner of the Treasure Hunt:  Caroline Patterson




Answers to the Treasure Hunt:


Page 1: 

left to right
■  Ridgeway Cleaners     ■  Prospect & Summit     ■  Above Camp Willow   ■  Classic Cuts

■  Hodge's Park     ■  Berry Parkway Gates     ■  444 N Northwest Hwy

■  Clute House 420 Garden    ■  Venus Restaurant     ■  Lincoln Middle School.



Page 2: 

left to right

■  Library   ■  Embers School    ■  Hill' s Hallmark    ■  Hay Carumba,

■  164 Prospect  ■  Dog Fountain Meacham & NW Hwy.  ■  Pickwick Marquee  ■ Washington School.

■  Pickwick Doors   ■  above Tasty Pup   ■  Kalo House    ■  Town of maine Cemetery




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