Kalo Shop Silver Exhibition - October, 2006



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The Foundation's first event was an exhibition of silver items from the Kalo Shop as well as items made by other silversmiths that had worked at the Kalo Shop on October 12th & 15th, 2006.  Solari-Huntington Jewelers was kind enough to let us host the event in their beautiful store.  Walter's Restaurant played host to the event's lecture on the Arts and Crafts movement and the Kalo Shop's prominent influence during that time.



Randahl sterling as well as napkins rings made by The Randahl Shop, Julmat, and Matthais Hanck.  Julmat was founded by Julius O. Randahl and Matthais Hanck.  It only lasted one year.  Both men went on to start their own individual shops.


(Left) - Lemonade set made for Col. McCormack by the Kalo Shop.  Col. McCormack was the founder of the Chicago Tribune. (Right) - Flatware made by Peter Berg of the Kalo Shop (later worked for The Randahl Shop).  Cup was made by The Volund Shop in 1921.


Some of the beautiful work by Yngve Olsson.  Yngve was one of the employees of the Kalo Shop who later became one of its owners.  He was known to the other employees as "Mr. Kalo", as he was the one person that the shop could not do without.


  Left - Yngve Olsson



                                      Cream and Sugar from The Kalo Shop.



(Left) - Kalo Shop silver.



(Below) - The event was well attended on both days.  A big thanks to Solari-Huntington Jewelers for hosting the exhibit.


(Below) - The lecture was held at Walter's Restaurant in Park Ridge.  Much thanks to Walter's Restaurant for hosting this event.