It Starts With The Arts - May, 2010



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The Kalo Foundation planned a variety of programs and events over the course of two weeks - May 9-22, 2010.  These programs revolved around the arts - hence it's name:  "It Starts With The Arts." 

To view the calendar of events click here.  In addition to speakers and demonstrations there were hundreds of paintings and other works of art displayed.





Below:  Mr. Burt Olsson talks about how silver items were made at the Kalo Shop.  His father was the last silversmith at the Kalo Shop.




This is a picture of the Kalo Shop when it resided on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL.
















Below:  Exhibits of art at the Non-Profit Center in Park Ridge.










How many of you knew that Grant Wood, the painter of the famous picture to the left, was once a silversmith at the Kalo Shop?




















Goudy Old Style type face - it was designed by Frederic W. Goudy in 1915 here in Park Ridge on south Prospect.